My home fried double cooked pork is not only popular with men, but also with women. Like me, my daughter-in-law, my daughter, my granddaughter. So my old companion, my son and my grandson like it very much. They can eat several pieces of meat together.


495G pork
346g green pepper
136g garlic sprouts
70 g vegetable oil
21g Pixian bean paste
20 ml soy sauce
2 g salt
2G chicken essence
5g sugar


Step 1
Prepared ingredients: pork, green pepper, garlic.

Step 2
Wash the pork, put it into the pot, add some water and cook it.

Step 3
Remove the stem and seed of green pepper, wash and cut into hob pieces.

Step 4
Remove the old leaves of garlic seedlings, wash them and cut them into sections.

Step 5
Boiled pork until chopsticks can be easily inserted, fished out and sliced. Prepare Pixian bean paste.

Step 6
Heat the frying pan and add some vegetable oil. If pork is fatter, put less oil, otherwise put more oil.

Step 7
Put the pork into the pot, stir fry the oil.

Step 8
After the streaky pork is forced out of the oil, add a proper amount of Pixian Douban sauce and stir fry evenly.

Step 9
Add some soy sauce and continue to stir fry.

Step 10
Add some sugar and stir well.

Step 11
Add green pepper and stir fry.

Step 12
Add in the garlic and stir fry.

Step 13
Add a proper amount of chicken essence.

Step 14
Add some salt.

Step 15
Turn off the heat, put on the plate and take out the pot.