Want to eat spicy chicken, but do not want to eat too spicy, there are old people and children at home can also be like me with Green Pepper Fried! Beautiful color, rich nutrition! Learn!


Two chicken legs
2 green peppers
Half a red pepper
3 mushrooms
Half an onion
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
Take a bath for the chicken leg. Make sure it's clean

Step 2
Remove the chicken from the bone and cut it into small pieces. You don't need chicken breast because it's too heavy.

Step 3
As shown in the picture, wash green pepper and red pepper, cut onion into pieces, cut mushrooms into slices. spare

Step 4
In a hot pan, add ginger slices and pepper to stir fry until fragrant. Then pour in chicken pieces and stir fry them over high heat to make the chicken change color.

Step 5
Pour in the vegetables prepared in advance, sprinkle with salt and chicken essence, stir fry until the vegetables are broken, and then out of the pot.