Hit hard and make your favorite curry spicy beef jerky! ~! ~! How can a long life without cattle! Meat! Fuck! When it comes to dried pork and beef, which kind of snacks should be the best in Macao!!! But I don’t know what meat I’ll eat every minute when I go to Taobao. Although that’s true, I still buy some occasionally when I’m lazy to find out which one is better. Hee hee. But now I can do it. Just do it at home


500g beef
White sugar
green Chinese onion
five-spice powder
Curry powder
Sichuan Pepper
Raw pumping
Old smoke
Oyster sauce


Step 1
Prepare beef and accessories. Beef tendon meat is recommended. The meat quality is more powerful

Step 2
The beef was soaked in water and put into the pot. Pour the right amount of water into the pot, add the scallion, ginger, star anise, pepper, and baijiu. Bring to a boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for half an hour, then turn off the heat, cool the stewed beef thoroughly, and then cut it into small half

Step 3
Add 2 tablespoons of hot water and stir well. Soak the beef slices for 3 hours (turn up and down halfway)

Step 4
Remove the drain, evenly cut into 1cm thick slices (not too thin), spread them on the grid, sprinkle curry powder and chili powder on the beef jerky

Step 5
Put it into the air dryer, set the highest temperature for 1 hour, and air dry until the beef is thoroughly dried. The self-made beef jerky is not so sweet and does not have so many compound flavors. There is only pure and strong beef flavor, mixed with the aroma of spices. The meat is strong enough and delicious enough to stop at all