Spicy crayfish is also called spicy Hunan cuisine. It tastes spicy and delicious, especially in the summer when the restaurant stalls come to a plate and sit with their sisters in gloves waiting for the fight to start. It’s very enjoyable, but it’s not enough to eat out all the time. It can be said that the food can be eaten, but the process can’t be seen. If you can’t eat it, it’s better to learn how to do it at home That’s it


500g crayfish
Proper amount of dry pepper
A little prickly ash
Six garlic
5 slices of ginger
1 teaspoon cooking wine
A spoonful of vegetable oil
A spoonful of Pixian bean paste
A spoonful of oil
A little sugar


Step 1
Sliced ginger and crushed garlic

Step 2
Add spicy flavor. Here are six spicy peppers, which can be added or subtracted according to personal taste

Step 3
Take the frozen shrimp tail and cook for 3 minutes

Step 4
Put the cooked prawn tail into the basin and wash it with cold water several times, so that the prawn meat is more compact and elastic. Brush a little dirty prawn tail one by one with a toothbrush

Step 5
Marinate a spoonful of cooking wine for a few minutes to remove the fishy smell of shrimp tail

Step 6
Heat up a large spoon of cold oil

Step 7
Stir fry ginger and garlic with a little pepper

Step 8
About 70, half a bag and a spoonful of Pixian Douban sauce

Step 9
Stir fry for a few minutes, with a light shrimp flavor. Add a spoonful of pickled chili water to consume oil

Step 10
Add more water than shrimp tail and heat for 20 minutes to taste the soup. Add salt and pepper according to your taste

Step 11
Add lotus root slice for 7 minutes, add potato slice for 5 minutes

Step 12
Garnish with coriander and white sesame