An upgraded version of spicy shredded chicken


300g chicken breast
50g pepper
3 cloves garlic
5g sesame chili oil
5g chopped pepper
2 tbsp soy sauce
3 g Sugar
50g scallion and ginger
3 tablespoons yellow rice wine
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce


Step 1
Soak in water repeatedly, put cold water into the pot, add onion, ginger and yellow rice wine and cook

Step 2
Remove to cool

Step 3
Shred green and red pepper and set aside

Step 4
Minced garlic

Step 5
Tear the breast by hand and put it in a larger container. Add salt, sugar, soy sauce, raw soy sauce, chopped pepper and minced garlic

Step 6
Drizzle with sesame oil, and finally burn a little hot oil. In this way, the flavor of sesame pepper, garlic and pepper can be integrated