I am a loyal fan of KFC Grandpa. As a Cantonese, I also like spicy food. I must order spicy chicken wings every time. Well, for me, this spicy is just right. You can’t eat more spicy ~ don’t dislike it. But no matter how delicious it is outside, it’s not as clean and delicious as home cooking, right.


500g chicken wing root
15 ml soy sauce
300 ml edible oil
15 ml Orleans marinade
5g salt
20G chili sauce


Step 1
Wash the chicken wing root and make a small cut with a knife to make it taste easier

Step 2
Heat the frying pan, pour in edible oil, rise to a certain temperature, add chicken wing root, oil paper to golden yellow, spoon it up and put it on the oil filter paper

Step 3
Pour chili sauce into the pot and stir fry with a little edible oil. Pour the chicken wing root into the pot and stir fry again. The delicious and spicy chicken wing root can be served on a plate