Spicy chicken nuggets


250g chicken leg
50g peanut
1 egg
Appropriate amount of salt
Proper amount of soy sauce
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Proper amount of cooking wine
Proper amount of starch
Appropriate amount of Mahua
Proper amount of dried tofu
Proper amount of pepper
Right amount of bell pepper


Step 1
Wash one chicken leg and cut into small pieces.

Step 2
Pickled with my favorite seasoning, I put in salt and cooking wine and soy sauce.

Step 3
Beat the salted chicken into an egg and some starch, mix well and set aside.

Step 4
Twist the twist.

Step 5
Dry red pepper and lantern pepper with scissors cut, easy to taste.

Step 6
Cut the dried beans into small cubes and set aside.

Step 7
Pour the oil into the peanuts and turn over slowly. Be careful not to overdo it.

Step 8
Don't wait for the peanut kernels to be crisp, pick them up and let them cool.

Step 9
Put in the marinated chicken.

Step 10
Take up the fried chicken to cool. At this time, fry the dried beans and set aside. Fry the chicken in oil for a second time to make it crispy.

Step 11
Leave a little oil in the frying pan, add pepper and hemp pepper to fry until fragrant, and add pepper section later.

Step 12
Add the fried dried beans and peanuts, add salt and stir well.

Step 13
Add the twist and stir fry.

Step 14
The second fried chicken into the frying pan, continue to stir evenly.