I didn’t like chicken at first, but I was a little greedy after watching the spicy chicken made by chef Huang in yearning for life, so I tried to make a simplified version.


6 chicken wing root
> 10 millet hot


Step 1
Wash the chicken wing root (or in chicken legs and wings) and cut it into small pieces. Add cooking wine, soy sauce, oil consumption, and marinate with black pepper for 15 minutes.

Step 2
Cut the ginger, garlic, millet, hot onion and set aside

Step 3
Put oil in the pan, heat up, pour in the marinated chicken pieces, deep fry until golden, pour out the oil, stir fry over low heat, dry the chicken and then out of the pot

Step 4
Wash the pan, add oil, add spicy millet, garlic and ginger, stir fry onion until fragrant

Step 5
Add chicken, stir fry for about two minutes, add scallion, then out of the pot.