Today, make a super appetizing snack: Spicy shredded chicken. It’s spicy and delicious. It’s full of chewing power. It’s a necessary snack for chasing drama. It’s also appropriate to be a wine and dish occasionally


3 chicken breasts
50g dried pepper
30g pepper
Appropriate amount of black pepper
15g cooking wine
15g raw extract
15g oyster sauce
3 g salt
2G chicken essence
Appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic
Proper amount of cooked white sesame


Step 1
Put the chicken breast into the pot in cold water, add onion, ginger and cooking wine, and boil for 15 minutes

Step 2
Take it out and tear it into shredded chicken when it's not so hot

Step 3
Pour in soy sauce, oyster sauce and black pepper, stir well and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 4
The oil temperature is 50 to 60% hot. Put the shredded chicken into the pot and scatter it with chopsticks

Step 5
If you like something chewy, fry it less for a while. If you like something crispy, it will reach burnt yellow, and then take it out for standby

Step 6
Leave a little bottom oil in the pot and fry the big stuff. First put in ginger and garlic, and then put in pepper and pepper. Remember to put the first (such as ginger and garlic) and the last pepper, so that it will not be fried, but also completely release the spicy flavor and aroma of pepper

Step 7
Pour in the fried shredded chicken and stir fry evenly. Then add a little salt, chicken essence and cooked white sesame. Stir fry evenly and then you can come out of the pot