I went to Sichuan to eat spicy chicken, and I learned to do it


500g chicken leg
Right amount of pepper
Proper amount of pepper
Right amount of green pepper
1 small piece of ginger
1 section of scallion
Moderate salt
Proper amount of cooking wine
Right amount of star anise
Appropriate amount of thirteen spices
Proper amount of soy sauce


Step 1
Flavored soy sauce with wine and salt for 15 minutes

Step 2

Step 3
Don't look too dark. It's easy to paste

Step 4
Cutting segment

Step 5
Choose high quality

Step 6
Star anise

Step 7
Sliced green pepper

Step 8
Don't oil chicken leg too long, it will harden easily

Step 9
I feel like it suits my taste

Step 10
Stir fry chili, pepper and other ingredients into chicken and peanuts, and you're done