Blow up your taste buds


500g chicken leg
Appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic
Dry pepper


Step 1
Chop chicken leg into small pieces

Step 2
\N boil in water for 3 minutes

Step 3
\N wash the foam and drain it with oil absorbent paper

Step 4
\N pour in cooking wine, soy sauce, white pepper and salt and stir well

Step 5
\Shred green onion, slice ginger, slice garlic, slice dried pepper

Step 6
\N put oil in the pan, oil temperature 60%, fry ginger slices first to remove the fishy smell

Step 7
\N remove the ginger slices and fry the chicken until brown

Step 8
\N after frying, pour out the oil, pour out the chicken and drain the oil

Step 9
\N start the pot again, pour oil, add Zanthoxylum and Zanthoxylum, add garlic and dry pepper, stir fry the flavor and then add pepper

Step 10
\Finally, add salt, white sesame, chicken essence and scallion to stir fry