This time, I got a local chicken’s trial, and planned to make a delicious spicy water chicken


Two chicken legs
80g peanuts
7 g cooking wine
15g garlic
8 grams of raw tobacco
4G aromatic vinegar
10 g spicy oil


Step 1
Put the chicken legs in the pot

Step 2
Then add cooking wine

Step 3
Add scallion

Step 4
Add ginger and cook over high heat

Step 5
About half an hour

Step 6
Cook it for an hour

Step 7
Clean the stuffy hair

Step 8
Then soak in cold water for three hours

Step 9
Fried peanuts in a pan

Step 10
Pickled chicken leg

Step 11
Add the mashed garlic

Step 12
Add the vinegar in

Step 13
Add spicy oil and vinegar

Step 14

Step 15
Add a little water and stir

Step 16
Add chopped peanuts to the cut chicken legs

Step 17
Then add the juice

Step 18
Well done

Step 19
finished product