Spicy chicken is not my favorite. I usually don’t eat much of it. It’s just because I went back to Lianyungang on holiday yesterday and picked up old photos. I saw a picture, it was the Spring Festival of the millennium. I was a junior, and my classmates were interning in Shanghai. I spent the Spring Festival outside for the first time. On the table of that new year’s Eve dinner, there was this spicy chicken. It was also my first time to eat this dish. When I saw that youth, I couldn’t help feeling that I was in such a hurry. (it’s a pity that when I was in the cafe, I forgot to bring out the picture with my university appearance, I’m a pig.)


500g chicken wings
5g salt
3 g Sugar
20 g pepper
10 g dry pepper
15ml cooking wine
3 G green onion, ginger and garlic
10g white sesame
2 g black pepper


Step 1
Prepare the seasoning

Step 2
Marinate chicken wings with salt, cooking wine and black pepper. Add scallion and ginger to remove the fishiness

Step 3
I'll fry it. The oil temperature is 8 minutes. It's a big fire. Little turkey will eat oil, so it's not crispy outside

Step 4
After two blasts, load the plate

Step 5
It's done. This is for my mother. I dare not put too much pepper