Chongqing is both a mountain city and a fog city. The unique natural environment has created a unique food culture. As the saying goes, “Hunan people are not afraid of spicy food, Sichuan people are not afraid of spicy food, Chongqing people are not afraid of spicy food.” Chongqing’s hot pot is famous, and there are many kinds of pasta. The ingredients are very unique and exquisite. There are two or three sides of pasta, regardless of the size of the bowl. The boss will ask you how many and whether you want spicy. In addition to Chongqing noodles, another is to add braised beef to make braised beef noodles, and add fat sausage to make fat sausage noodles. Beef noodles are very domineering. The soup is special, fragrant and mellow. The noodles are full of muscles. It tastes black and has a good taste. The beef is not harrowed or hard. It’s really comfortable. Every time I think of it, my saliva comes out. In order to have a good taste, I often go to the noodle shop to order a bowl, but I always feel bad about eating. The reason is that the beef 4 or 5 yuan can’t pass the Yin, so I make a pot of beef and cook some noodles at home from time to time. At least I can eat enough beef. I don’t look at the beef in the bowl greedily.


1000 grams of beef brisket
1 bamboo shoot
200g noodles
Three rape plants
Two heads of garlic
1 scoops of Baijiu
3 spoonfuls Pixian bean paste
5 grams of pepper
5g fennel seed
2 teaspoons northeast sauce
A piece of ginger
2 spoonfuls of soy sauce
Two nutmegs
Five cloves
Three fruits
Two star anises
The right amount of vegetable oil


Step 1
Soak Beef Brisket with water to remove blood, wash and cut into small pieces

Step 2
After boiling, blanch the beef in water, remove the foam with warm water

Step 3
Ginger cut into large pieces, garlic 2 skinned spare

Step 4
Spices: 2 cinnamon, 2 star anise, 3 caokuo, 3 cardamom, fennel, prickly ash, clove

Step 5
Heat up the oil in the pan. Turn down the heat and stir fry with ginger, garlic and all the spices

Step 6
Then put 3 spoonfuls of Pixian Douban sauce and 2 spoonfuls of Dongbei sauce into the medium heat to make red oil

Step 7
Pour boiling water into boiling water, add 2 scoops of soy sauce and 1 scoops of Baijiu to stir fry evenly. Pour into full boiled water and remove froth. Turn to ceramic pot and simmer for 1.5 hours

Step 8
Bamboo shoots peeled and blanched, then cut into pieces

Step 9
After 1.5 hours, add the autumn bamboo shoots, add salt and oyster sauce according to the taste, and simmer for 20 minutes

Step 10
Finely chop the shallot and coriander

Step 11
Put coriander and shallot in a bowl. Add beef soup into the bowl

Step 12
Prepare the right amount of noodles, and remember that only alkali noodles can give you the taste and strength of beef noodles

Step 13
In another pot, boil the noodles and blanch the rape in the soup

Step 14
Pick the cooked noodles into a bowl, put rape, big beef, a bowl of spicy beef noodles