I always like fish, but I can’t do it well. My friend’s husband is a chef. I learned from him several times, but I didn’t expect to make it so delicious and easy to use


1000g grass carp
300g soybean sprouts
6 g salt
3 G cooking wine
5g sesame oil
10 pickled peppers
30 pickled prickly ash
30g dry pepper
5g dried pepper
60 g vegetable oil
1 piece of ginger
5 cloved garlic
1 section of scallion
20G Pixian bean paste
1 teaspoon homemade spicy red oil
20G egg white
10g sweet potato starch


Step 1
Separate the fish from both sides of the bone, remove the middle fish bone, and then slice the fish meat

Step 2
Add egg white, salt and starch to the sliced fish and hold for a few minutes

Step 3
Like to eat vegetables friends can add some vegetables, boiled with water, fished out into the basin

Step 4
After the oil is cooked, add onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and bean paste, stir fry slowly over low heat, drop a little soy sauce, a little chicken essence, and add boiling water

Step 5
Pour the marinated fish fillets into the boiled water, take them out after boiling, and put them into the basin where the vegetables have just been put

Step 6
Pour the fish soup into the fish and vegetables, and pour a small amount of oil

Step 7
Sprinkle with green onion and coriander, and the whole process is completed