Mid Autumn Festival, for the family to send a table of delicious, warm heart


1000g grass carp
6 g salt
1 packs of perfume fish sauce
30 dried prickly ash
30g dry pepper
5g dried pepper
1 potato
60g rapeseed oil
5 slices of ginger
5 cloved garlic
4 sections of scallion
20G egg white
10g sweet potato starch
3 G cooking wine
5g sesame oil


Step 1
Add starch, egg white, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce and chicken essence

Step 2
Use ginger and garlic slices. In addition, slice the potatoes slightly thicker and have frozen goods (meatballs, potatoes, perfume fish seasoning) ready.

Step 3
Heat up the oil in a hot pot and add some lard. Add the spice sauce, ginger slices, garlic slices and scallion slices into the pot, stir fry them, add water, and measure the amount of water in a pot of fish.

Step 4
Add the marinated fish and cook for 3-5 minutes

Step 5
Put the potatoes and frozen goods into the pot, cook them, pick them up, and put the fish on the surface

Step 6
Hot pepper (the best chili noodles, no more at home, put dry pepper particles) dry pepper, rapeseed oil, hot, sprinkle on pepper and pepper