Recently, I learned a heavy Sichuan cuisine. I used to eat it in Sichuan restaurant. A plate of cold beef with a small amount was charged 40-50 yuan. I ate it with LG. I didn’t have a few chopsticks to eat it. I always couldn’t enjoy it. I’d better make it myself. The taste can be made according to my own preference. I’ll have one before dinner. It’s spicy and delicious, Let’s do it together


200g stewed beef
1 cucumber
1 tbsp cooked peanut oil
A little salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1.5 TSP seafood sauce
1 tbsp vinegar
0.5 TSP zanthoxylum oil
15g chili powder
15g shallot


Step 1
Prepare chili powder, pour hot oil, and make red and spicy oil

Step 2
Sliced cucumber

Step 3
Marinated beef slices, I like not thick not thin, pro can be cut according to their favorite system

Step 4
Mince garlic, add a little water and mix well

Step 5
Add the right amount of salt, sugar, seafood, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper oil

Step 6
Prepare the sauce and chili oil

Step 7
Take a bowl, cut into pieces of cucumber into, spread beef slices

Step 8
Spread well and pour in the sauce

Step 9
Drizzle with hot and red oil, sprinkle with scallions, it's OK