After swimming in the reservoir in summer, I drank beer and chatted with my colleagues in the alley beef noodle restaurant. I always ordered half a kilo of beef stewed by the hotel and tried to satisfy my greed.


500g beef
2 octagons
10 pepper
4 fragrant leaves
2 cinnamon slices
1 stewed beef and mutton bun
Appropriate amount of onion and ginger
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Cut the beef into half kilo pieces, stew beef in the stainless steel pot, drain off the foam after boiling water, then put in the pepper, star anise, onion ginger, bag, cinnamon, fragrant leaf, and stew for 1.5 hours.

Step 2
After stewing and cooling, put the broth and beef into the fresh-keeping box

Step 3
Cut some onions at the bottom of the plate, with beef slices on it. It's made as soon as the food comes.