Today, I share a secret fat cow rice. The fat cow is fresh and delicious. The rice is mixed with soup. It’s super fragrant.


1 egg
1 box of fat beef rolls
Appropriate amount of broccoli
Right amount of carrot
2G salt
5g cooking wine
10g raw soy sauce
10g oyster sauce
5g white granulated sugar
50g black pepper sauce
Half an onion
A little corn starch


Step 1
Blanch broccoli and carrots first. If you don't like broccoli and carrots, you can put them at will according to your preferences

Step 2
Don't pour out the water for blanching vegetables. Blanch the fat cow into the water and take it out for about a minute

Step 3
Pour cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar and black pepper sauce into the bowl. Add a little water and a little dry starch. Stir well and set aside

Step 4
Fry a poached egg. After frying, put it out for standby

Step 5
Pour the onion into the pot, stir fry to make the flavor, then pour in the fat cow with boiled water, stir fry evenly, and then add the adjusted juice. The time of frying the fat cow should not be too long. Turn off the fire in about a minute

Step 6
Put poached eggs and boiled vegetables on the hot rice, and then put the fried fat cattle into it. It's best to pour in the sauce of fried fat cattle. When putting ingredients, it is recommended to put a beautiful shape, so as to have beauty and taste.