Braised spare ribs is a famous delicious dish. It’s easy to make, full of taste and delicious meat. It’s really delicious. I’ve come to braised spare ribs. Today, it’s really delicious! Today’s braised pork ribs are so delicious that the child ate two small bowls of rice. He praised his mother for their delicious taste. He has to eat it tomorrow. Ha ha, it’s hidden


A rib
A little salt
100g lean meat
10g raw soy sauce
A slice of ginger
20G brown sugar
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper boiling water
Two octagons


Step 1
Prepare the necessary materials, or you can not add lean meat, just ribs

Step 2
Cook spareribs in a warm water pot, skim off the foam and take them out. Wash them with clean water and drain the water

Step 3
Prepare a piece of brown sugar, smash it with the back of the knife, or use rock sugar instead, about 20g. In this way, when the pot is just hot, pour in an appropriate amount of oil, add brown sugar, and melt it into burnt sugar color over medium and low heat

Step 4
Like this, brown sugar blocks dissolve from the bottom of the pot and bubble up

Step 5
Pour in the drained spareribs, stir fry and color them quickly and evenly, put in the prepared ginger slices, smoke them raw, add a little salt, stir and stew

Step 6
Put in the prepared star anise

Step 7
Pour in the prepared boiling water, cover the lid and simmer over low heat for about half an hour

Step 8
Stew until it's like this. Just collect the juice over a high fire. It smells good and the color is great

Step 9
Put it on a plate and eat it. It's delicious ribs

Step 10
Come and have a taste. It's very delicious braised ribs

Step 11
finished product

Step 12
finished product