Spanish mackerel and tofu dumplings


soy sauce
Green onion
Cooking wine
Sesame oil


Step 1
First, mix the noodles and put them in the basin; Wash and cut mushrooms; Wash the bean curd and blanch it in boiling water, then take it out and cut it into small pieces; Cut green onion and ginger separately; Wash the fish and chop it into fish paste. Add soy sauce, onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt, pepper and sesame oil. Stir well and beat until strong. Set aside.

Step 2
Put the chopped Lentinus edodes and diced tofu into the fish stuffing, mix well to make the stuffing, and add appropriate seasoning to increase the flavor according to the need.

Step 3
After the filling is finished, the dough can be processed now. Divide the mixed dough into several portions, take one portion and put it on the chopping board, rub it into long strips, make it into potions, flatten it, roll it into dumpling skin, wrap it in stuffing, make it into dumplings, and then put it into boiling water to cook.