Soy sauce chicken is a famous home dish in Guangdong Province, also known as soy sauce chicken. Although the method is simple, the color is bright and the chicken is tender and smooth. As the saying goes, no chicken is no feast. This dish is very suitable for a family dinner. With the automatic cooking pot’s (jelly chicken) function, you can cook with one button. You don’t need to worry about the paste pot without adding water!


750g three yellow chicken
2 dried scallions
1 piece of ginger
8 Chinese prickly ash
50ml soy sauce
5 ml of soy sauce
30 ml oil


Step 1
Clean the jingsan yellow chicken, split it from the middle, and take half of it for reserve

Step 2
Marinate half Sanhuang chicken with seasoning (except oil) for 1 hour

Step 3
Pour the oil into the pot, add the pickled three yellow chicken, and put the chicken skin down into the pot

Step 4
Cover the pot well and start the function of (jelly chicken) or (raw jelly)

Step 5
After cooking, take out the chicken, chop it into strips and pour on the bottom of the pot