Nanjing people have a nickname called “big radish”. Nanjing turnip is very famous. This kind of delicate little turnip is also very famous. Nanjing people love to eat it, whether braised in brown sauce, white sauce or cold sauce!


200g Yanghua radish
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of greenol cold pressed walnut oil
15g raw extract
12g balsamic vinegar
12g fine granulated sugar


Step 1
Wash the Yanghua radish and cut off the tassel and root of the radish with scissors;

Step 2
All processed, put into a basin, add sufficient water, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, mix well, soak and disinfect;

Step 3
Start to prepare juice: 12g fine granulated sugar, 15g raw soy sauce and 12g balsamic vinegar. Mix well and set aside;

Step 4
The soaked and disinfected radish is cracked with the back of the knife, but not too broken;

Step 5
Sprinkle proper amount of salt, mix well and marinate for a while;

Step 6
After curing, pour out the excess water, pour the adjusted juice, and continue to mix well;

Step 7
Finally, when serving, pour green Noel cold pressed walnut oil“ Glennor cold pressed walnut oil is more suitable for baby's health. "