Soul of Sichuan cuisine with red oil bean paste


500g moldy bean paste
1500g spicy millet
500g salt bar
500g tap water
50g Baijiu
150g rapeseed oil
30g dry pepper
500g ginger


Step 1
Prepare moldy broad beans. You can buy ready-made moldy watercress in the market and online without getting moldy by yourself.

Step 2
Remove the stem of pepper, wash and drain it, moth, hollow, rotten, lose the stem, and you can't want it.

Step 3
Ginger uses a brush to wash away the soil, peel off the old skin, and drain the rotten part.

Step 4
Boil the rapeseed oil and cool it for standby. It must be rapeseed oil, not other oils.

Step 5
The salt melts in tap water.

Step 6
Highly rated baijiu.

Step 7
Weigh pepper. Personally, I think green is better than red.

Step 8
Smash the spicy millet and ginger without a cooking machine.

Step 9
Stir all the ingredients evenly, put them on the altar for half a day, sprinkle a layer of salt on the surface, stir once in 10 days, and they can be eaten after three months. The longer the time, the more mellow and red the bean paste. It won't be a problem for a few years.

Step 10
This is what I did before. You can make it clean and rest assured. It's definitely n times better than what you buy in the supermarket.

Step 11
Finished product drawing.

Step 12
Finished product drawing.