Today’s soft fried shrimps have been praised by the whole family! The practice of soft fried shrimps is not difficult. It seems complex, but it is actually very simple. The key is to master the heat. Don’t fry it. Otherwise, it will not only affect the taste, but also make it look inferior. For the plan of the Spring Festival, you might as well put such a dish on the festival banquet. It will be very popular.


200g shrimp
100g ketchup
1 egg
50g flour
50g green pepper
30g carrot
30g sugar
Proper amount of soybean oil


Step 1
Prepare the following ingredients: fresh seafood, peel out the shrimps, remove the shrimp line, put the flour into a small basin, then put an egg into the flour, cut the green pepper and carrot into the shape shown in the figure, and appropriate amount of ketchup;

Step 2
Mix the egg and flour into a thin paste and show a flowing state;

Step 3
Put the shrimps into the egg batter;

Step 4
Mix the shrimps with the batter evenly and let the shrimps dip into the batter;

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of soybean oil into the frying pan, which should be more. In fact, it can't consume so much;

Step 6
When the oil temperature rises to 70 or 80% hot, put the shrimps into the oil one by one;

Step 7
Fry until golden and remove;

Step 8
Pour out the oil in the pot, leave only a little, and then add white sugar. Melt the white sugar and add ketchup;

Step 9
Add a small amount of water and boil the soup for a while until it is thicker;

Step 10
Put the fried shrimps into the pot;

Step 11
Put the green pepper and carrot into the wok, quickly stir up the wok, and mix the juice with the shrimps evenly;

Step 12
Pour the fried shrimps into the plate. The sour, sweet and delicious dish is very popular with the family.