Soft fried shrimps taste good and cook quickly. Learn how to mix batter. You can soft fry all kinds of foods, such as soft fried tenderloin; Soft fried oysters; Versatile!


20 shrimps
80g flour
4G baking powder
1 egg
5g salt
Proper amount of salt and pepper
30g water


Step 1
Shell the shrimp and remove the shrimp line. Put aside the shrimp line on the back of the shrimp, so that when sliding the shrimp, it will curl and become a shrimp ball, otherwise it is not easy to form a ball

Step 2
Mix the flour with eggs and salt first

Step 3
Then add water to dilute

Step 4
Finally, add a little baking powder

Step 5
The thinness of the batter is basically based on the ability to completely hang the shrimp. If it is too thin, the effect is not good, it is too thick, and the final surface is too thick, so the water volume can be adjusted by itself. The water absorption of each kind of flour is different. After the batter is adjusted, let the baking powder react for about 3 minutes

Step 6
When frying, you'd better use a small pot to make the oil more deep. If the oil temperature is higher, there is a simple way to control it. Heat the oil over medium fire, burn it for half a minute, and drop a drop of batter into the oil. At first, the batter will sink to the bottom and slowly be wrapped by small bubbles. Then the batter will expand rapidly and float on the oil. At this time, the oil temperature is almost the same, It can be started by slightly reducing the ignition; When frying, hang the batter one by one, because the batter will expand greatly. You can fry a few less in one pot. Fry until golden brown and you can get out of the pot

Step 7
Finally, put it on the plate and sprinkle pepper and salt. Of course, it's OK with ketchup and Thai chili sauce