This beautiful snow Santa Claus cake is a super-q and super moist hot chocolate Qifeng cake, which is divided into three layers. It is naturally stacked with cream like snow, and then decorated with a few cute drops and beautiful strawberry Santa Claus. The super beautiful and happy Santa Claus cake in soy sauce is very popular.   


80g low gluten flour
85g dark chocolate
60g corn oil
60g milk
80g + 20g fine granulated sugar
Five eggs
15g cocoa powder
(fresh) a few drops of lemon
300g light cream
20G fine granulated sugar
8 strawberries
Moderate dark chocolate


Step 1
Add 20g fine granulated sugar to egg yolk and beat until thick. Add 60g corn oil to 60g milk and mix

Step 2
Stir the mixed milk and corn oil in water and boil. Sift the low gluten flour and cocoa powder

Step 3
Heat the mixture of milk and corn without leaving the fire. Pour in the flour and stir it quickly to form a hot dough. Pour half of the egg yolk paste into it and mix well, then pour it back into the remaining egg yolk paste and continue to mix well

Step 4
Dissolve the dark chocolate in water and add it to the mixed egg yolk paste; Beat the protein until it is coarse (80g fine granulated sugar is required for the protein). Add half of the fine granulated sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. Continue to beat until the protein is fine, then add the remaining fine granulated sugar. Continue to beat until it is hard to foam

Step 5
Cut and mix 1 / 3 of the beaten protein and egg yolk paste evenly, then cut and mix 1 / 3 of the protein and egg yolk paste evenly, pour the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein and stir evenly; After mixing evenly, pour all the egg yolk paste into the remaining protein cream, mix evenly from bottom to top into Qifeng batter, pour it into the mold, preheat the oven at 150 ℃, bake it for 55 minutes at 8 inches, bake it for about 40 minutes at 6 inches, and take out the inverted buckle

Step 6
Beat the egg bucket, pour in light cream, add 20g fine granulated sugar, and beat until smooth

Step 7
Divide the cake into three pieces evenly, apply thick cream on each layer, drop the edge naturally, and cut the strawberries into the top

Step 8
Put the remaining light cream into the flower mounting bag, squeeze it onto the cut surface of strawberries as Santa Claus's head, and then cover the cut top with a hat

Step 9
Draw Santa's eyes and mouth with chocolate and decorate it on the snow cake