Some people say that fresh Lentinus edodes must be blanched, so that the dirty things in the Lentinus edodes can be cleaned out. Others say that they cannot be blanched, because once blanched, the nutrients of Lentinus edodes will be lost. Fresh Lentinus edodes are rich in amino acids and vitamins, which can benefit intelligence, brain and reduce blood pressure and fat. If blanched, Lentinus edodes will be eaten for nothing, Therefore, a chef with rich experience said that when frying fresh mushrooms, add one more step. The mushrooms are smooth, tender and delicious, which not only avoids the loss of nutrition caused by boiling water, but also solves the health problems we worry about. Which step is more? Let’s have a look.


150g mushroom
50g Dutch beans
50g carrot
Proper oil
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon oyster sauce


Step 1
Fresh mushrooms are ready. The nutritional value of mushrooms is very high. If possible, give more to your family

Step 2
Cut off the root of Lentinus edodes. The root of fresh Lentinus edodes carries a lot of dirt here.

Step 3
Put water in the basin, put a spoonful of salt to sterilize, then put a handful of flour, stir the water, put the mushrooms in, soak them for a few minutes, clean them, wash them several times, put the flour water, you can absorb the dirt on the surface of the mushrooms, so that the mushrooms will be washed very clean.

Step 4
Slice mushrooms and carrots, choose Dutch beans, and cut them into pieces for standby.

Step 5
This step is an answer to the question of whether to blanch the Lentinus edodes. Fresh Lentinus edodes do not need blanching water, so the nutrients in the Lentinus edodes will be lost. However, if we do not blanch the water, we will worry that the Lentinus edodes will not be cleaned. We can soak the Lentinus edodes in warm water, not boiled water. Put some edible salt in it and soak it for five minutes, You can also put carrots and Dutch beans together, and then take them out to control the dry water for standby. In this way, the taste of Lentinus edodes will become more smooth.

Step 6
Put the oil in the pan, heat the oil, put the scallion in the pan, pour in the mushrooms, carrots and Dutch beans, stir fry, and add a little salt to taste.

Step 7
Then add a little oyster sauce to taste. Because vegetables with bright colors like this don't need soy sauce when frying, so put a little oyster sauce to enhance the taste.

Step 8
Stir fry until cooked, turn off the heat and come out of the pot.

Step 9
Very delicious