Snow clam, scientific name northeast forest frog, referred to as forest frog. It grows in the hinterland of Xiaoxing’an Mountains and feeds on living insects. Because it can hibernate for five months in the cold winter, it is named “snow clam”. The magic of snow clam lies in its unique growth environment and tenacious vitality. The long and severe winter and cold natural environment in Northeast China have long given snow clam its strong vitality. Therefore, snow clam is known as “the top of vitality” in nature. When autumn comes, it’s time for snow clams to store energy and prepare for hibernation. This is also the time when snow clams have the strongest vitality. In particular, the oviduct of female snow clams (snow clam cream or forest frog oil) gathers all the nutrients of their offspring in the coming year. At this time, snow clams have incomparable nourishing functions.


1 gram snow clam
10g yellow rock sugar
2 jujubes
1 Golden melon
Right amount of wolfberry


Step 1
Ingredients: 1g snow clam, jujube, yellow rock sugar, wolfberry, golden melon

Step 2
Take out the snow clam and put it into the container. Soak it in 100ml ~ 200ml water for 8 ~ 10 hours, which I used the night before. The soaked snow clam is crystal clear, transparent in color and shaped like a cotton ball

Step 3
Wash Lycium barbarum and soak it in water

Step 4
Cut the melon at the top

Step 5
Dig out the flesh of the melon

Step 6
Put in the jujube (this jujube is too big, I cut it into it)

Step 7
Put in the yellow rock sugar

Step 8
Put the soaked clams in the water and add some water

Step 9
Cover the top of the melon again

Step 10
Steam for 20 minutes

Step 11
Put the pickled medlar into the steamed golden melon cup

Step 12
A nutritious, beautiful, sweet and smooth golden melon snow clam is ready. Eat it while it's hot