Small mixed vegetables with sesame sauce


30g black fungus
100g baby vegetable
100g cucumber
Proper amount of salt
Proper soy sauce
Appropriate amount of vinegar
Appropriate amount of monosodium glutamate
Appropriate amount of garlic
Proper amount of chili oil
Proper amount of Yuanzhen sugar
Appropriate amount of coriander


Step 1
Wash coriander and cut into sections

Step 2
Auricularia auricula bubble hair shredding

Step 3
Shredded dried tofu

Step 4
Sliced cucumber

Step 5
Shredded baby cabbage

Step 6
Chopped garlic

Step 7
Add a little cold boiled water to boil the sesame paste

Step 8
Mix all ingredients into a container

Step 9
Add sesame paste, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, secret chili oil, salt and monosodium glutamate and mix well