Dad stayed in Sichuan for a period of time and came back with all kinds of Sichuan dishes. I used to eat boiled fish or sauerkraut fish with carp or grass carp. This time, I changed to silver carp. My father said that silver carp meat is fresh and it’s better to make. I used half of it this time, and the other half of it was pickled fish last time


Silver carp
Proper amount of bean sprouts
Moderate amount of celery
chopped green onion
Sichuan Pepper
cayenne pepper
Pixian bean paste
Cooking wine


Step 1
Wash bean sprouts and blanch

Step 2
Blanch the bean sprouts and put them directly into the basin as the bottom dish

Step 3
Wash the celery and cut it into sections. Stir fry it with a little oil in the pan and put it on the top of the bean sprouts

Step 4
Pour the oil into the pan, add the minced garlic and ginger

Step 5
Put in Pixian Douban sauce and stir fry to make it fragrant

Step 6
Add water to the pan and put in the fish head and bone. Skim some foam with a spoon after boiling again

Step 7
When stewing the fish head, treat the fish, wash and put in starch

Step 8
Add some cooking wine

Step 9
Put some salt in it, then hold it well with your hands and set it aside

Step 10
Stew the fish head and bone for 10-15 minutes. Remove and put them in a basin with bean sprouts and celery

Step 11
Remove some of the dregs from the soup and don't eat them anyway. Just the soup

Step 12
Put the fish in, I put it together, easy, but put it together, don't move, stop for a while, or the fish will be broken

Step 13
After boiling, pour the sliced meat and soup into the basin. Most of the fish has been boiled in water, and the rest is splashed with oil

Step 14
Add pepper

Step 15
cayenne pepper

Step 16
Pick up the pan again and pour in the oil

Step 17
Heat the oil to 7-8 minutes. Pour it on

Step 18
The delicious boiled fish is out of the pot