The first time I bought a slice of perch. It’s very good. There’s no fish bone in the meat. It’s also suitable for old people and children.


600g bass
100g bean sprouts
100g lettuce
1 egg white
5g ginger
5g scallion
10 g red pepper
Half teaspoon pepper
1 tsp pepper
4G refined salt
Half teaspoon corn starch
30 ml edible oil


Step 1
Cut the shredded ginger, green onion, prepared pepper and Chinese prickly ash

Step 2
Prepare bean sprouts and lettuce

Step 3
Clean up the perch

Step 4
Cut the head of the fish and cut the knife from the bone to the balance piece

Step 5
Before slicing, you can lay the fish flat and make a knife at the back of the fish, which makes slicing easier. As in step 4, slice the fish on the other side

Step 6
Remove the bone from the side of the fish belly and cut it into pieces

Step 7
Then slice the fish fillet from the fishtail, knife angle 40 degrees. You can also cut butterfly fillets, that is, one knife does not cut off, two knives cut off

Step 8
Add half a teaspoon of pepper, starch and egg white to the sliced fish. After grasping well, add a little cooking oil

Step 9
Stir fry ginger and scallion in the pot, add fish bone and fry to change color

Step 10
Add boiling water, salt and pepper and simmer for about 10 minutes. Add lettuce and bean sprouts and cook

Step 11
Take lettuce, bean sprouts and fish bone out of the bowl. Keep the pan boiling and add the fillets. Use chopsticks to clip in or gently pull out after adding. Fish fillets can be fished out after forming

Step 12
Fish soup can be filtered and put into fish bowl

Step 13
Add oil into the pan, add pepper and red pepper, saute until fragrant

Step 14
Pour in oil and sprinkle with scallions