Especially suitable for your own simple way at home, so that you can taste the taste of the hotel at home. If you are not satisfied, please forgive me. In the future, I will share more simple ways suitable for home cooking. Please pay more attention


2 jin grass carp
150g Longkou vermicelli
200g soybean sprouts
30g dry pepper
Proper amount of minced ginger
Appropriate amount of scallion
Appropriate amount of garlic powder
Appropriate amount of coriander
75g dahongpaohongtang hot pot seasoning
750 ml water
20 g zanthoxylum oil
A little pepper
Appropriate amount of corn starch
1 egg white
A little salt
A little chicken essence
50g soy sauce
Appropriate amount of yellow rice wine


Step 1
Wash the fish, cut off the head, lay the fish flat, press the fish body with one hand, press the fish bone with the other hand, slice the meat of the fish body horizontally, and slice the other side in the same way

Step 2
Then put the big thorn piece on the fish belly and take the blade to thorn, as shown in the picture

Step 3
Put the skin of the fish under the slice downward, press the fish with one hand, and then slice the fish into 0.2-0.5cm fillets with a knife

Step 4
Prepare the seasoning

Step 5
Put the fillets into a suitable bowl, first add the appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence or (MSG), pepper, half an egg white, a little yellow rice wine 10-15g, grasp the fillets by hand, grasp the hand to feel sticky, marinate for 10 minutes, let the fillets taste, and finally add the appropriate amount of corn starch (raw powder) to grasp well, so that the fillets are OK

Step 6
Boil the bean sprouts with boiling water in the pot. After the bean sprouts are cooked, pour in the soaked vermicelli. Then take out the pot and put them into the bottom of the bowl

Step 7
Add proper amount of salad oil into the pan, stir fry the ginger, scallion and garlic powder prepared in advance, add Dahongpao hotpot seasoning (150g / bag) and a half, add 750ml of water (1.5 bottles of nongfushan spring mineral water bottle), add 50g of soy sauce and proper amount of zanthoxylum oil, and the flavor is finished

Step 8
After the flavor is adjusted, turn down the heat and put one piece of fish into the bowl by hand (don't pour it into the pot together, it's easy to break). After boiling for about two minutes, take out the fish and cover it on the soybean sprout vermicelli. Then pour the soup into the bowl (all the cooked fish will float on the water. If you can't grasp it, try it)

Step 9
Add the right amount of oil into the pot, and then put in the onion and garlic powder prepared in advance. Pour into the pot and stir fry until fragrant. Pour in the cooked fish fillets