The first time I did it, I felt good, but I forgot to put the fish bubble in it


A carp
A bag of bean sprouts
Half a Chinese Cabbage
Two handful of Flammulina velutipes
15 red peppers
Appropriate amount of green onion
Moderate amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
Right amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum
Proper amount of large materials
Proper amount of edible oil
A teaspoon of sugar
Two parsley
Proper amount of starch
Proper amount of cooking wine
An egg white
Pepper noodles
Moderate salt


Step 1
Originally, I wanted to stew, but I decided to cook fish in water, so it's carp... Clean up the fish and cut it for him. It's better to slice it into pieces. I just want to make it convenient, so it's fish pieces. Hey, hey, put salt, egg white, starch and cooking wine on it.. Don't prick your hands. I prick my hands when I stir. You can wear gloves or something

Step 2
Copy the dishes or something. It's only half cooked. Copy them and prepare them

Step 3
Marinate the fish for about 20 minutes and fry in oil until discolored. Set aside

Step 4
Start the pot again, pour the oil, stir fry the pepper, Chinese prickly ash and large ingredients first, then stir fry the onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant, finally stir fry the hot pot seasoning or Douban sauce until fragrant, then pour the water

Step 5
After the water boils, first add the fried fish head and the fish pieces with fish bones. Because it's not easy to cook, cook for a while, and then add the remaining fish pieces. After boiling, add all kinds of dishes, and then boil them. Add some salt, sugar, soy sauce and pepper noodles. Then you can make a big pot of boiled fish into a big bowl. There's the last step left, If you don't like sweet food, you can leave it alone

Step 6
Re start the pot, the oil burning hot, the kind of smoke, into the red pepper section, pepper, remember ah. Don't be confused... After pouring it on the semi-finished products, it's delicious. I prefer to listen to it. It's super cool

Step 7
Put coriander and work together to make wet rice