If you want to eat, do it


1 chicken
5 shallots
1 small piece of ginger
5 cloved garlic
40g peanut oil
Appropriate amount of water
5g salt
3 g Sugar
A little soy sauce
A little vinegar


Step 1
Let's get a chicken first and clean it up

Step 2
Boil the water in the pot, make some cooking wine, ginger, green onion, Chinese prickly ash, remove the fishy smell, and cook the chicken

Step 3
Pour oil into the pan, saute onion, mashed garlic, order cooking wine, soy sauce, steam fish drum oil, vinegar, and mix it into juice

Step 4
You can choose to pour the juice on the chicken or dip it in a bowl

Step 5
Cut the chicken well and put it on the plate. My knife is not good. It doesn't cut well. This is half a chicken.