Many people like spicy and delicious Sichuan cuisine. Among them, boiled beef tastes spicy and delicious, smooth and tender, with strong fragrance. It has the flavor of spicy, spicy and hot Sichuan hotpot. It is also the favorite classic meal for winter friends.


300 Gram beef
100 Kehuang bean sprouts
100 Ke rape
3 Kejiang powder
Appropriate amount of salt
5 Gram starch
4 Clove garlic
Moderate amount of olive oil
5 Kejiang
10 A dry pepper
15 Keji wine
5 Kebai sugar
10 Caraway
5 Chinese prickly ash
25 Kepixian bean paste
1 Two egg whites
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Slice the beef, add ginger powder and starch

Step 2
Add salt, cooking wine and egg white and marinate for more than two hours

Step 3
Marinate until it's ready to fry. Slowly add some water and stir well. Blanch the rape in boiling water, Take it out and lay it on the bottom of the pot

Step 4
Then blanch the washed bean sprouts with boiling water, take them out and spread them on the rape. Chop the bean paste and set aside

Step 5
Slice the ginger and garlic separately, add olive oil into the hot pot and stir fry the pepper to make it fragrant

Step 6
Then add ginger and garlic to stir until fragrant, pour in bean paste and stir fry, pour in boiling water, add salt and sugar to taste

Step 7
Bring to a boil and add beef slices, Use chopsticks to disperse the meat slices, boil them to change color, remove the foam on the surface, put the meat slices on the bean sprouts, and then pour in the soup

Step 8
Put a layer of coriander leaves on the surface, heat the olive oil in another pot, pour in the cut red pepper, stir out the red oil, and pour it on the surface