The new year’s Eve dinner was cooked with boiled beef, and the red boiled dishes were also very festive. I wish you all good luck in the new year, good health and all the best


500 grams of beef
Right amount of cabbage
Two onions
A piece of ginger
1 garlic
A handful of dried peppers
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
3 spoonfuls Pixian bean paste
1 spoonful of soy sauce
1 spoonful of cooking wine
1 teaspoon sugar
Right amount of starch
Pepper noodles


Step 1
Slice the beef, add cooking wine, starch, salt and marinate for 20 minutes

Step 2
Wash the cabbage and tear it into pieces

Step 3
Cut ginger, garlic and scallion. Green onion with ginger

Step 4
Take oil pan, deep fry dried pepper and Zanthoxylum bungeanum, take them out and cut them into pieces after cooling

Step 5
Leave the bottom oil, stir fry the cabbage and put it at the bottom of the bowl

Step 6
Pour some vegetable oil into the pot, pour in Pixian bean paste, ginger and stir fry until fragrant

Step 7
Add soup or water to boil

Step 8
Put in the pickled beef, spread it with chopsticks, and mix in soy sauce, pepper noodles and sugar

Step 9
After the meat is cooked, put it into a cabbage bowl with the soup. Sprinkle the surface with chopped dry pepper and Chinese prickly ash, and then sprinkle with minced garlic

Step 10
Heat the oil in the pot. After the oil smokes, pour it on the minced garlic to give a fragrance. Finally, sprinkle with scallion