Eat more warm food in cold seasons. The soup warms the stomach. Stew is easy to digest, soft and delicious, and easy to make.


Two chicken skeletons
Two carrots
A spoonful of vegetable oil
Proper cooking wine
A spoonful of soy sauce
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
A spoonful of salt


Step 1
Add vegetable oil, scallion and ginger to the electric cooker, and stir fry the skeleton

Step 2
Turn on the power, turn on the knob, pour the fire, add vegetable oil and fry the chicken skeleton.

Step 3
Add vegetable oil, scallion and ginger in the pot, stir fry the skeleton, add wine, soy sauce and stir fry the chicken skeleton

Step 4
Add proper amount of water to stew the chicken skeleton

Step 5
Stew with carrots for about ten minutes, add salt and turn off the fire.

Step 6
Carrots are soft, waxy, sweet and mellow.