Only my daughter and I have dinner. We can make a simple version of the game crab. There is no shrimp and fish, but there are shrimp skin, seafood sauce and oyster sauce. Ha ha, it’s also the taste of crab seafood. My daughter loves to eat it.


Five eggs
1 teaspoon dried shrimps
2 g ginger powder
1 teaspoon seafood sauce
3 teaspoons oyster sauce
1 carrot
2 tbsp vegetable oil
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Wash carrot, peel and chop, chop green onion

Step 2
Adjust the juice: then pour all the ingredients into a small bowl

Step 3
Think of how to add some seafood flavor, go to the refrigerator to find shrimp rice rind, wash, chop, put in, mix well

Step 4
Heat up the oil in the pot

Step 5
Add in the eggs and fry until smooth

Step 6
Fry until golden brown, 5 eggs, fried twice, not too fried complete

Step 7
Leave a little oil in the pan and pour in the sauce

Step 8
Pour the fried eggs into the pot again and let them taste well

Step 9
The juice doesn't turn off the fire

Step 10
produce abundantly