Elbow is the most common food for family gatherings. Today’s practice is close to the braised Dongpo elbow, which simplifies many steps. The finished product is fragrant but not greasy, crisp but not rotten. The elbow skin feels like melting at the entrance, and the rhythm of second light.


500g pig elbow
1 bundle (cut) of chives
1 sliced ginger
70g raw soy sauce
30g soy sauce
200g cooking wine
How many anise
Some pepper
Some orange peel
10 pieces of rock sugar


Step 1
Wash the elbows, put them into the pot, add half of the green onions, ginger slices and 100g cooking wine, and pour in the water that is basically less than the elbows. My pot is big. Try to use a small and high pot, so it doesn't exceed the elbow at all.

Step 2
Turn the elbow upside down after the fire boils, and scald the other side for 2 minutes, then turn off the fire, take out the elbow and clean it for standby.

Step 3
In another pot, add star anise pepper, tangerine peel, the other half of green onion and ginger, and 100g cooking wine. Pour in water that is basically below the elbow.

Step 4
After boiling over high heat, skim the foam, add various spices, turn to low heat and simmer for about 4 hours. During this period, turn the noodles once every hour.

Step 5
When the soup is thick, continuously pour the soup on the elbow.

Step 6
At this time, the bone can be easily removed.

Step 7
Finally, dry the soup over a high fire, leaving only about half a bowl.

Step 8
Take out the plate, pour over the remaining soup, sprinkle with Scallion leaves or coriander powder.

Step 9
Take a closer look.