A person, cooking in the office, due to conditions, can only simply eat a meal


30g rice
30g lean meat
10 grams of Gongcai
50g soybean sprouts
5g oil
2 g salt
2G oyster sauce


Step 1
Soak the Gongcai with water in advance, cut into sections, slice the lean meat, add salt and oyster sauce, mix well with Gongcai, wash the bean sprouts, add salt and oil, mix well, put them into a bowl, then put the mixed lean meat and Gongcai, cover them, take them back to the company and put them in the refrigerator

Step 2
Off duty, taohaomi, put into the rice cooker

Step 3
Press the cook button

Step 4
When the rice rolls, add lean meat, Gongcai and soybean sprouts

Step 5
Cover it again and continue to cook

Step 6
When the electric cooker is changed from the cooking key to the heat preservation key, keep it warm for 5 minutes

Step 7
Boiling, steaming pot rice

Step 8
Mix the vegetables and rice well, the taste is better