Lazy practice, when there is no meat, when you see that there is only one eggplant and one pepper in the kitchen and worry about no food, this is a good food!!!


1 eggplant (purple skin, long)
1 green pepper
3 cloves garlic seeds
1 / 3 tbsp peanut oil
5g fine salt
3 teaspoons raw soy sauce


Step 1
Slice the eggplant

Step 2
Cut chili into vegetables and garlic seeds into mashed garlic

Step 3
When there is no water on the pot, add an appropriate amount of peanut oil, not too much, about 5ml, slightly heat the mashed garlic and explode until fragrant

Step 4
Stir fry eggplant strips until soft

Step 5
Then add an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce. At this time, the eggplant has no water. The added raw soy sauce can not only improve the freshness of eggplant, but also color it

Step 6
The last step is to put pepper, add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stew for two or three minutes, the eggplant is completely cooked, and add some salt

Step 7
Last disc

Step 8
Friends who like to eat coriander can also replace chili with coriander. It's also delicious