I like to eat my parents’ braised fish. I found out different new methods of braised fish that are a little sweet and a little spicy.


1000g crucian carp
100g streaky pork
A little salt
2 bottle cap cooking wine
A little ginger
6 dried peppers
50g starch
A coriander


Step 1
First of all, the internal organs and gills of the fish are hollowed out, and there is a black membrane in the abdominal cavity of the fish.

Step 2
Cut the fish on both sides, wipe the surface with salt, then plug the cut in the belly and surface of the fish with ginger slices, pour a little cooking wine and wait for ten minutes

Step 3
Before frying, the starch on the surface of the fish is insoluble in the coke. Pour the oil into the pot and shake it to spread the oil evenly. Then be patient when frying. Turn over the side after frying. If you turn it too often, it will disperse. If you are afraid of over frying, you can turn it down.

Step 4
Cut minced garlic and ginger, dry pepper and streaky pork into small pieces for preparation,

Step 5
Before starting the pot, add coriander to make it fragrant. Carefully put the fish on the plate and pour the soup on it. You can enjoy it.