I envy my friends that after playing and fishing in the wild, they roast the fish they just caught on site. There is no seasoning, only the delicious fish itself. When I went to the morning market this morning, I saw that the fresh herring was fat and attractive. Suddenly I thought of frying the herring with the original flavor. In fact, the common “herring” in Northeast China is not herring. It should be written as “mackerel”, which is a deep-sea fish. Without the earthy smell of river fish, the fish meat is solid and rich in protein and fat. In addition to being pickled and edible, it can also be canned.


4 mackerel (1.20 cm long)
About 1g salt
A little salad oil


Step 1
Rinse mackerel with water

Step 2
Remove the fish head and viscera

Step 3
Remove the big bone in the middle of the fish

Step 4
Rub a little salt on both sides of the fish

Step 5
Apply all the salt, cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate and marinate for about 20 minutes

Step 6
Put the fish on the kitchen paper to absorb the excess water

Step 7
Put a little salad oil in a non stick pan and fry over low heat until both sides are brown