It’s easy in 15 minutes! No edible oil, delicious and healthy.


150g pork
200g cabbage
10 Chinese prickly ash
5 dried peppers
2 slices of ginger
Two cloves of garlic
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp Pixian bean paste
Half a teaspoon of sugar
Some green onions


Step 1
In order to save time, buy a piece of pork from the supermarket, cut it into sections, slice onion, ginger and garlic for standby, tear and wash cabbage

Step 2
I always want to lose weight, but I can't control my appetite. So when I cook, if I can put less oil, I'll try to put it as little as possible. This home cooked meat is not put at all. Streaky pork itself is rich in oil. Put it into a hot pot and stir fry it until golden. Add ginger, garlic and pepper to remove the flavor (the oil in the fat comes out. Pour out the excess oil and natural lard). After stir frying, put it in reserve

Step 3
Pot into the dry pepper, Pixian Douban, scallion stir fry

Step 4
Pork, cabbage into the pot, add two tbsp of soy sauce, half tbsp of sugar, stir evenly, until the cabbage cooked can be out of the pot

Step 5
Serve a meal