Sichuan spicy chicken


250 grams of chicken wings
40 grams of dry pepper
15 grams of pepper
5 grams of green onion
5 grams of ginger
5 grams of garlic
10 grams of celery
5 grams of cooking wine
5 grams of sugar
1 gram of salt
One gram of five spice powder
3 grams of soy sauce
500 grams of salad oil
3 grams of white sesame
10 grams of raw powder


Step 1

Step 2
Wash the chicken and chop it into small pieces

Step 3
Marinate with cooking wine, five spice powder, soy sauce, bean paste, onion and ginger for more than 20 minutes (in this step, the amount of soy sauce and bean paste can be put according to the taste of fried vegetables), add a little egg liquid and starch, set aside

Step 4
Take a pot of peanut oil and heat it. When the oil is blue, pour in all the chicken pieces (the amount of oil should not be more than chicken pieces). After pouring in, set the type, turn the medium and small heat to fry the chicken pieces thoroughly, and then remove the color from white to yellow

Step 5
Wash and cut off the dried pepper

Step 6
Pan bottom oil, small fire fried pepper, ginger, garlic and dried pepper

Step 7
Add fried chicken, continue to stir fry, add a little sugar and salt, cook in cooking wine, and five spice powder; You can also add a little celery, stir fry until broken, sprinkle with white sesame embellishment, spicy chicken is complete