Shredded pork with green peppers is a famous dish of the Han nationality, which belongs to the Sichuan cuisine. With green pepper as the main ingredient, it has spicy taste, complete color, fragrance and rich nutritional value. The heat of this dish is very important.


190 g green pepper
200g pork
5g bean paste
5g Douchi sauce
4 grams old style
3 g Sugar
5g chicken powder


Step 1
Prepare ingredients, pork, green pepper, chicken powder, Douchi sauce

Step 2
Shred pork, marinate with starch, chicken powder and water for 5 minutes

Step 3
Shred green pepper and marinate with a little salt

Step 4
Heat up the oil, put the pickled shredded meat into the pot and fry until white

Step 5
Add Douban sauce, Douchi sauce and a little soy sauce, stir well

Step 6
Pour in shredded green pepper and stir fry over high heat

Step 7
Add a little sugar

Step 8
Add chicken powder and stir well