Pickled chicken feet are the traditional famous food of Han nationality in Sichuan Province, which are mainly made of chicken feet and pickled pepper. They belong to Sichuan cuisine, and mainly highlight the sour and salty flavor of pickles.


483 g chicken feet
180 g carrot
130g celery
335g lettuce
1 / 2 onion
50g sweet pepper
550G water
50g salt
30 ml rice vinegar
1 bottle of pickled wild pepper
7g ginger
2 g pepper


Step 1
Ingredients: chicken feet, celery, lettuce, sweet pepper, onion, carrot, rice vinegar, salt, pickled wild pepper

Step 2
Put chicken feet into the pot, add a little salt and cook

Step 3
Pick and wash the side dishes, cut the celery into sections, cut the sweet pepper into hob pieces, shred the onion, cut the lettuce into thick slices, cut the carrot into strips, and slice the ginger

Step 4
Put the chicken feet in a large basin

Step 5
Put in the cut side dish

Step 6
Pour in pickled wild pepper

Step 7
Add rice vinegar or white vinegar

Step 8
Pour in cold boiled water that has been cooled in advance

Step 9
Put in the salt, while adding, you can dip a little to try the saltiness

Step 10
Stir well and set aside for 5-6 hours. The longer the time, the better the taste