Twice cooked pork slices [1], one of the representative dishes of Sichuan traditional dishes, belongs to Sichuan cuisine series. The main raw materials are pig hip meat, green pepper, garlic, etc. with unique taste, bright red color, fat but not greasy. The ingredients are different. In addition to garlic sprouts (green garlic), you can also use colored peppers, onions, leeks, pot helmets, etc. to make double cooked meat,


200-250g streaky pork
2 green peppers
2 shallots
A small amount of bean paste
2 tablespoons raw soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
5g sugar
5 choose a green garlic / color pepper / onion / leek / pot helmet
Proper cooking wine


Step 1
Put a little cooking wine in the water and cook for about 10 to 20 minutes. Wait until you can stick it in with chopsticks and put it out for standby

Step 2
Cool the cooked meat and cut it into 2mm thin slices. This is the place to test the knife work. It's too thin. It's broken when fried. It's too thick to fry out of the lamp nest. (you can put it in the freezer and freeze it for five minutes, which is easier to cut)

Step 3
Add a little less oil. Stir fry the streaky pork until the meat is curled, then push the meat to one side of the pot, put dry pepper and bean paste, and when you see the color of the oil turn red, you can pull the meat over and stir well.

Step 4
Pour in green garlic, cooking wine, salt, sugar and raw soy sauce, and stir fry evenly. Note: green garlic, colored pepper, onion, leek, pot helmet, etc. are used to make double cooked pork,