This rattan pepper fish, which combines the characteristics of Sichuan hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant and oil, is a serious spicy dish. Considering that the climate in Guangdong is easy to catch fire, I was merciful when I put spicy, so this pot has a more spicy flavor. Just eat it!
Although rattan pepper is hemp, its aroma is more prominent, and it is rich in oil. It is stewed with smooth fish. It is flavored and fresh, and the hemp has a pleasant fragrance~
With a sip of the soup, the unique hemp fragrance directly attacked the taste buds, and the tongue danced like an electric shock.
I like to use black fish with few spines to make fish fillets. It has only two rows of big spines connected with the spine, which can be removed easily. This can be directly removed by the market boss.
Black fish is also a kind of fish with comprehensive nutrition and delicious meat. It is rich in protein and amino acids. It has the function of nourishing and nourishing. It is also convenient to eat~
When marinating fish slices, don’t forget to add egg white and cooking wine. This is the key to make fish tender, smooth and refreshing, fresh but not fishy. It tastes great!
The fresh and delicious ingredients are all alive. Come on, invite your tongue to dance!


400g pickled fish: Black Fish Fillet
3G salt
5g cooking wine
1 egg white
5g starch
5g soup base: chopped green onion
10g garlic slices
10g ginger slices
20G Pixian bean paste
35g spicy hot pot bottom
3G green pepper
1g red pepper
3 dry pepper sections
500g clear water
4G side dishes, seasoning and decoration: salt
5g sugar
80g lettuce slices
80g soybean sprouts
50g thousand pieces of skin
2 red pepper rings
2 green pepper rings
1 dry chili ring
1g green pepper
1g pepper powder
1g chili powder
2G white sesame
15g hot oil


Step 1
1. Wash the black fish fillets, dry them with kitchen paper, add salt, cooking wine, egg white and starch, mix them evenly by hand, and marinate them for 15 minutes

Step 2
2. Pour oil into the hot pot, add green onion, ginger and garlic to saute until fragrant, add Pixian bean paste to stir fry the red oil, then add the bottom material of spicy hot pot to stir fry until melted, then add green pepper, red pepper and dry pepper to stir fry until fragrant, pour water to boil and cook for two minutes, remove the residue and leave the soup for standby

Step 3
3. Add lettuce slices, bean sprouts, thousand pieces of skin, salt and sugar in the soup pan, cook and remove them, and put them at the bottom of the casserole

Step 4
4. Put the pickled black fish fillets into the soup pan, cook them, put them out into the casserole, and pour an appropriate amount of soup * the duration of cooking fish fillets should be controlled at about 1 ~ 2 minutes, and take them out when they are cooked, otherwise they will be easy to age

Step 5
5. Sprinkle red pepper ring, green pepper ring, dry pepper ring, green pepper, pepper powder, pepper powder and white sesame, pour hot oil and serve